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Carbon & Clean Energy Solutions (CCES) provides services in the field of Clean Energy, Climate Change and Carbon Markets. At CCES we are passionate about creating innovative solutions to our client’s business challenges.

We assist our clients in sustaining and maximizing growth through

  • Innovation and commercialization of low carbon technologies
  • Renewable energy technologies
  • Development of energy efficiency strategies
  • Carbon emissions reduction and sustainability strategies

Our services are tailored to assist companies across the economy in responding to climate change and sustainability issues, managing regulatory compliance, identifying and implementing clean technology investment opportunities, emission reduction opportunities, clean technology transfer strategies; and assessing the business value implications of carbon policy and pricing.

Our Experience

CCES has worked with local industries, multinational companies, utilities and governments on a range of climate change initiatives in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

Experience of our team spans across identification, management & delivery of clean energy and climate change mitigation projects; energy and climate policy research, climate finance; sustainability and carbon markets.

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Carbon Market Institute


To deliver the highest quality and innovation in a low carbon economy.


Facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy by offering innovative business solutions to our clients.


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Team Member

Anil Bhatta

Managing Director

Stephen Stewart

Lead - Climate Policy & Research

Azain Raban

Lead - Innovative Investment

Shusil Sharma

Project Engineer

Irene Tsimiklis

Lead - Sustainability & Climate Change


Geoff Sinclair

Nic Frances Gilley

Tim Morris

Bahador Tari (NED)

Lloyd Vas




The Implementation of Climate Change Mitigation Policy after Paris Agreement

- A Comparative Study on EU, AU, China and Korea

European Union, Australia, China and South Korea are the vital global actors in any movement that will stabilize the global climate at conditions suited to sustainable development for environmental protection and quality of life around the world. Better understanding of their climate regime pre- Paris and post Paris era is of greater importance both in theory and in practice. This comprehensive research paper analyses each of these countries’ key climate change policies and legislations, their INDC key issues, future plans with set of recommendations.

Issues to consider when linking carbon markets

Australia and Korea have policies in place to curb greenhouse gas emissions in their respective countries. The Australian government through its “Direction Action Plan” aims to reduce emissions through investment in new and more efficient technologies, whereas, the Korean government has had in place a national cap-and-trade ETS since 1 January 2015. The existing trading relationships between Australia and Korea can be considered as an important factor when considering carbon market linkages between these two Asia-Pacific countries, as it will not only aid to proliferate climate change mitigation activities in the region but will also assist in addressing leakage concerns (if any) between these two major trading partners. This paper discusses carbon market linkage issues by exploring the opportunities and challenges of market linkage between two-major Asia-Pacific trading partners – Australia and Korea.